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On our way back home from a trip, me and my two daughters while waiting for our flight departure to Chennai and feeling a little hungry decided to eat in one of the few fast food available at a tiny but beautiful airport. We had two choices, the classic and boring American burger fast food or the attractive Pad Thai Express, a little and simple Thai fast food that I never heard before . As we are very found of asian food, our choices went to the second option and after going through the simple and satisfying menu and ordering, we were surprised to be served authentic Thai food in a lapse of 5 minutes; portions were good, taste was perfect, presentation was superb too and great value for money, that Thai fast food made my day and really made me think. On that day of 2 years ago I realise what would have been my next project and that’s how Thai food house came to life.
Thai food house (fast food & home deliveries) is as simple as that, a little Thai restaurant located in heart of the city, serving authentic Thai cousine; dishes are prepared by a superb and experience Thai chef that decided to move all the way here from Bangkok, flavours and quality are not compromised, food is served fast, and prices are low like a real fast food. What else to say, come and experience it yourself.